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We provide the best API service for integrating mobile recharge system, Application Programing Interface (API) help you to integrate with our system and benefit from our services, Setaragan Mutahed API is a robust and User/developer-friendly platform that enables businesses to accept and manage Electronic Top up services. It provides a wide range of features and functionalities to streamline processing and integrate recharge capabilities into applications.

Setaragan Mutahed is not only having an extensive and direct distribution channel consisting of three layers of Distributors, Sub distributors, and agents distributing the products and services covering the remotest areas across the country nevertheless is honored of providing API services to several national and international partners.

Our API Clients

  • Aziz Lomer Online Services
  • Naqdina Payment Services
  • Shahi Distribution Company
  • Active Service
  • Hesab Pay
  • Smart Pay
  • Afghanistan Payment System
  • Afghan Post
  • Aurum Afghanistan
  • Assan Application
  • Reloadly
  • Afghan Top-up
  • Karimyar Distribution Services


The electronic top up service also know as etopup is a way by which costumers can recharge their lines and that of loved ones without having to scratch PINs. It is a recharge option that enables call units top up without logical PINs.

Our API clients across the world


API Clients