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Being a leader in distributing Telecom products and Services Setaragan Mutahed introduced an innovative sales distribution idea of a dedicated, easy-to-access Kiosks channel to the telecom industry. The idea not only provided easy access to customers to telecom products boosted the sales of telecom products, and has nevertheless created hundreds of new job opportunities for youths across the country. 

Easy accessible anywhere with diverse products Setaragan Mutahed launched the project in 2020 with Etisalat Afghanistan to distribute the Etisalat product through a new channel, by installing more than 100 KIOSKs across the country

In the middle of 2020, Setaragan Mutahed further expanded the project by signing a contract with Salaam Telecom as an exclusive contractor in the country to distribute SIM and scratch cards through this channel.

Mobile KIOSK Points and Activities

The mobile KIOSKS are available in most cities of Afghanistan and bellow video depicts how our customers are using this service.