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Payroll/Salary Distribution services

Setaragan Mutahed has a strong team of dedicated individuals who are committed to provide services at best to clients across the nation. Our team has capabilities of providing a reliable and efficient service of Payroll/Salary distribution to different organization on their premises identified by the clients with ease. Our client for Payroll/Salary distribution consist of both public and private sector organizations.

The Client list include corporate entities, financial sector, telecom sector, NGOs, INGOS, Ministries, and industrial sector.

Humanitarian Aid/Cash Distribution Services

Setaragan Muthaed has a strong network of its offices through nationwide. We have a presence with sizable network of Agents/Distributors in almost each district and each province in Afghanistan, which enable us to deliver our services in each region with convenience. We provide a controlled and reliable services of humanitarian Aid/Cash Distribution services of Multi-million amounts to all NGOs, INGOS, UN organizations and its affiliates, financial institutions, & Ministries.

We execute the cash disbursement program and plan according to the guidelines shared by the client at their desire locations across each region of Afghanistan to disburse them in cash or E-value sent to mobile wallet post account creation and proper KYC onboarding.

Humanitarian Aid/Cash Distribution services are available both at over the counter and in field identified by the client. Setragan Muthaed has a rich history of successful implementation of multi-million Humanitarian-Aid/Cash distribution projects. The client served include NGOs, INGOs, UN and its affiliates.