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Setaragan Mutahed has started its distribution journey with Mobile Network Operators in Afghanistan primarily as a Sims distributor. largely contributed not only to making the Sim Cards of mobile network operators available for customers across the country but has built infrastructure for quality sales and supporting the customers in Sims registration and on-time Sims activation.

Furthermore, being one of the most renowned distributors, Setaragan Mutahed ensured the customer's accessibility to the Scratch Cards of the mobile operators and enabled customers even at the remotest point in the country

Managing a wide distribution channel in a country with a lack of proper infrastructure such as roads, transportation facilities, accessibility to banks for transferring physical cash, and ensuring un pause access of customers to the MNOs products, most importantly to the Scratch Cards which is one of the easy liquidating commodities accompanied the biggest challenge and threat due to the lack of security. Overall this was never an easy task, Setaragan Mutahed is proud to not only overcame the physical and potential challenges but have completed each of the projects with the desired outcome.

SIM and Scratch Card Disturbution

SIM and scratch card distribution services are an essential part of the mobile telecommunications industry, enabling customers to access mobile phone services and stay connected with friends, family, and businesses.