Our Electronic Mobile Recharge platform

E-Top up is considered as the best alternative for the physical scratched/ voucher Cards. Revelation and dematerialization is the key factor that pushes the telecom industry to adapt and align with the global trend and market demand, this is also a fact that the future of telecom is to quench this need is the Electronic top up. Physical recharge scratch cards involve a significant cost towards printing, distribution, warehousing, transportation, damages, and fraud. Such costs are eliminated with e-top up distribution system resulting in increased margins and profits. Apart from above-mentioned benefits electronic top-up system has its own benefits for the entire supply chain participants, as well as for the end user, the benefit can be in shape of convenience, in time, Cost or some extra Value that they will enjoy as commission.

the SML will be stepping into the market with its commercial brand Name of Setaragan Top-up and meaning full and an attractive slogan of ”a smart solution for your complex need” the system will be unique and competitive in the market, technology offers tremendous benefits to the subscribers and distributors of service providers.

To enhance and grow E-Top up service SML distribute this service all over the country using below channels:

SML is working to find the best, Secure and easiest way for their customers, herby SML has their own plat form and uses the short code 543 as their SMS and USSD services.