Setaragan Mutahed Group of Companies

Taibzada is a well-known business family in Afghanistan, doing business since 1970s’. Setaragan Mutahed Ltd (SML) is an Affiliated Company of Taibzada business family. The company was established in 2006. Its headquarters is located in Kabul with a broad network of regional offices across the country. SML is a fast-moving and well-reputed distribution company in the FMCG and Telecom sectors We have come into a distribution agreement with Pakban dairy products, Behrokh Foods company LTD, ROSHAN Telecom, Salaam Telecom, Etisalat and other telecom operators as a subcontractor. SML is Having a professional sales team and distribution infrastructure which ensure that the products are delivered on time to end users at the right quantity and the right time for the right customers, located in every and each corner Afghanistan.

Setaragan Mutahed Distribution Ltd (SML) efficiently and successfully managed telecommunications business in Kabul, Ghazni, Mazar, Faryab, Jowzjan, Samangan, Baghlan, Kunduz, Takhar, Badakhshan.

currently we are having exclusive distribution agreements with two Iranian FMCG companies and Etisalat Afghanistan (EA) where we have used our previously gained experience and get maximum exposure within the market while we had distribution ship agreement with Etisalat and Salaam in Kabul & North region, SML Regional office is located in the UAE.


Setaragan Mutahed Ltd Mission is to take part in the business activities where Maximize the shareholder's Values and earning in a long run. SML is set the underneath Goals:

  • To take an active part in the mobile revolution
  • To enhance the lifestyle and bring comfort to the life of an Afghan citizen
  • To provide the best services of its kind in affordable price in an innovative way
  • Focus on the after-sales service by 24/7 basis service availability
  • Adherence with the Law and regulation applied in the country

SML aim is to expand its distribution services in telecom industry inside Afghanistan.


Setaragan Mutahed Ltd envisions a Vision to build a world-class Distribution channel equipped with the state of the art technology, with the main focus to create such environments for the customers and trade partners, by following the Core Values of honesty, commitment, smart work, and respond to the community where we have an operatio.